Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Origin Unknown Valley of the shadows.

One of the best drum and bass records of all time is Origin Unknown Valley of the shadows, Originally released in ‘93 and re-released 3 years later, Andy C of ram records and Ant Miles called themselves Origin Unknown to put out this game-changing track, which seems like a fitting alias considering they were producing jungle before terms like drum & bass were ever even dreamed up by muso journalists. Valley of the Shadows is nothing but a landmark track in the history of jungle and drum & bass records.

The tune has always been popular and still sells today.

Search now for a copy of Origin Unknown Valley of the shadows.

After another 3 years mr C decided to product a new track and man he did a good job. Andy C & Shimon Quest night flight. Many ram fans likes the heavier bass lines that came with Moving Fusion the Beginning in 1999.

RAM Records still continues to grow and prove drum and bass it still as good as ever.

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